Custom Mini Knit Sweater Ornament to match your Sweater.

With our custom made mini sweaters you can order an ornament to match a sweater you already own and love. As you can see in the picture in the listing, the customer sent a picture of the actual sweater and we made a mini-sweater ornament to match. Mini-sweaters are hand knit with amazing detail. Sweater body width is customizable. We can create them to our standard mini-sweater sizes or a bit bigger or smaller depending on what you would like. They include a 12cm long hanger made from yarn. This adorable mini-sweater ornament is perfect for a knitter or a person who loves handmade things. 

These sweaters are made from various leftover yarn from our other items. Some are 100% wool, some 50%, some acrylic yarn. 

Please allow time for the custom making of the product as well as shipping from Azerbaijan. 

Shipping from Azerbaijan. 

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