Teresa Hamlin3 comments

Qusar Region.

38 years old.

She has two sons.  She is an amazing knitter which she learned from her mom.  She knits long socks like no other in her region.  In the summers she works in fruit gardens so earn money and in the winter she knits like her life depended on it!  With her own money from knitting she has finished each room of her house with paint, wallpaper, flooring, lighting etc.

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Thank you so much Olga for the beautiful knitting. I love the pattern and colors. They give me so much joy and comfort in the cold weather that we get in Hong Kong!


Olga thank you so much for my beautiful socks, you are so talented. xxx


Thank you so much for making the lovely socks. I’m a writer and spend many hours every week in a tiny shed in my backyard. It’s quiet there for writing, but it’s also cold. It’s summer now, but I will so enjoy the socks in the chilly early mornings and next September, I will live in them!

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