Azerbaijani Socks

Local arts, connecting hearts

Beautiful, meaningful

These slipper socks are a celebration of Azerbaijani culture and artistry. Knitted with traditional patterns, each sock is beautiful and holds special meaning in the designs.

Cultural, practical

These beautiful socks, called "jorab", have been a rich part of Azerbaijani culture for centuries, and were traditionally made as part of a bride’s dowry.

Warm, comfortable

Knitted socks also represent the value of hospitality, which welcomes friends and strangers into homes. Upon entering a home, outside shoes are removed, and slippers are provided for the guests. Slippers keep feet warm and cozy while visiting, reminding the guest that they are cared for and blessed with good health (it is believed that cold feet brings sickness).

Azerbaijani Socks

We hope that when you wear our socks you will experience the warmth of Azerbaijani culture and hospitality, the blessing of good health and the joy of beauty.

All of our socks are handmade with 50% wool and 50% acrylic yarn to make them soft, warm and breathable.

Suede soles: Suede is available on most of our socks. Suede gives the socks grip, making them slip-resistent, yet remains flexible to the contours of your foot. Suede also helps preseve the life of the sock, minimizing wear and tear on the sole, and keeps them from stretching too much.

Meet our Knitters

Meet our Knitters

Made with natural products
Superhero knitters
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