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In the process of training up new workers, we incur a lot of sub-standard socks. They are still good socks, made with high-quality products, and nice designs… but there are small flaws that make them impossible for us to sell at full value. We hate to see these creations wasted, especially when there are people in need in Azerbaijan. Would you consider buying a pair or two for us to give away to a person in need?

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The process of finding and training a new knitter is one we enjoy doing. While many women are already talented knitters, there is still a learning curve as they learn to knit according to our standards. On average, this process takes about ten socks until they are good enough to be sold.  Since we employ women from rural areas, this process also involves more travel as we meet together with them to give feedback and direction. Thus, while we want to expand and bring in new knitters, it is difficult because of the extra costs involved. You can help sponsor a new knitter:
10 socks at cost $7= $70
Transportation + staff to visit knitter= $30
Total= $100

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As our name implies, our main product will always be the traditional Azerbaijani slipper socks.  However, we recognize that in order to stay viable on the market, we need to be innovative and create new products. While developing a new product is fun, it also  takes time, energy and money. Expenses involved in product development include experimenting with different materials, searching for the right person to make the product, testing different ideas, and then training people to make it. For these reasons, the process of product development is costly, and it doesn’t always guarantee success.

Give us your ideas! What products do you think might be our new best seller? Your creative input and participation in idea development is valued.
Sponsor a new product! Contribute financially to develop a new product, and see a concept become a knitted wonder.

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Become an Ambassador

Sell our socks and earn money for yourself. Email us for more information.

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Are you in Baku? We always need lots of hands in our shop.

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