Sevinj (Sheki)


Sevinj (Sheki)

Sevinj is a member of a minority people group called the Rutul. In the traditions of her people, she moved into her in-law’s home at the time of her marriage. They live in the tiny, mountainous town of Shin, in the Sheki district of Azerbaijan. In the summer months, the...


Diana is 25 years old and lives in the village of Gunduzqala in the district of Gusar.  She had a difficult time with her husband and in-laws and is now divorced and living with her parents.  She has one child that her and her mom take turns caring for and...

Revana (Piral)

Revana is from the village of Piral in Gusar region.  She is 49 years old and has two sons and one grandchild.  She learned to knit from her grandmother but while her children were growing she stopped knitting for 20 years and started back up when she met Azerbaijani Socks.

Aleyna (Piral)

Aleyna is 57 years old.  She has three children and some grandchildren.  She has been working as a cleaner at the small doctors office in their village for many years where she claims she helped deliver many children and is a better midwife than the doctors.  When she was young she...