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One of our most efficient knitters, Kamila, who is often bedridden even after her multiple surgeries, has problems with her hip. When we met her in 2018 she was confined to her bed. Now that she knits for us she, she reiterates every time we visit that she does not need pay, she is content just to have something to do. Knitting allows her to feel that she is a contributing member of the community despite having to stay in her room.

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John J

I received a pair of green slippers and I am delighted with them. They are large enough for my feet which are hard to shop for. The pattern is lovely. The dark green is a rich delightful color. They ate warm and cozy. Thank you Kamila. Blessings.

L Benson

I am so honored to have received a beautiful pair of socks made by Kamila. She is truly talented & It’s wonderful that since the information on the crafts women is shared I know who I will think of when I wear these.

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