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Qusar Region.

Ramila is our star knitter. When she started she knit socks for us, but has now made every kind of item we sell. She learned how to knit sweaters in local patterns to perfection. Recently we had the idea to make miniature sweaters as ornaments and she tackled the project with spectacular results. She also has two daughters who she taught to knit. One of her daughters knit to pay for tutors to enter University and has continued to work with us to cover her school expenses as she earns her degree.

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We received the cutest pair of mini mittens as a gift from a missionary we’ve helped support. Blessings on your work! We will be praying for this ministry.


I recd a sweater ornament as a gift this year.
Very cute!!!!


I have one of your mini sweaters and it is so cute! Is there any way to get a full-size one?

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