DIY Suede Soles for Slippers

This Do-It-Yourself Kit comes with everything you will need to add suede to your knitted creations.

This kit includes:

  • one set of natural suede soles: two toes, and two heels; cut to size (see size chart), with pre-punched holes for easy sewing.
  • One large needle 
  • Waxed acrylic string (choice of colors: brown, black, white, red, green, blue, teal, yellow)

For a tutorial on sewing the suede onto the socks, please watch this video:

We prefer the look of the separate pieces compared to just one piece for a sole. It gives your slipper sock ability to stretch a bit. However, these will not allow your slipper socks to stretch as much as they did before, so if your slipper socks were already a bit snug adding these soles will most likely make your slipper socks too small. 

Suede soles come in different sizes; All in light brown. Please note that in the picture, the suede looks a bit reddish in color, but the actual color is lighter brown. 

Size chart: All sizes are approximate

 Size  US Men's Sizes US Women's Sizes
EU Size

Men's 2XL

11-12 12-13 43-44
Men's XL 8.5-10 10-11 41-42
Women's XL 8-9 40
Women's L 8 38-40
Women's M 6-7 36-37
Women's S 5-6 35


 Size Toe Length Toe Width
Heel Length Heel Width
Men's 2XL 5 1/8 in (13cm) 4 in (10.16cm) 3 7/8 in (9.8cm) 4 in (10.16cm)
Men's XL 4 1/2 in (11.43cm) 4 in (10.16 cm) 3 3/4 in (9.5cm) 4 in (10.16cm)
Women's XL 4 1/4 in (10.79cm) 3 3/4in (9.5cm) 3 3/4 in (9.5cm) 3 3/4 in (9.5cm)
Women's L 4 1/8 in (10.47cm) 3 1/2 in (8.89cm) 3 3/8 in (8.57cm) 3 3/8 in (8.57cm)
Women's M 3 7/8 in (9.84cm) 3 1/8 in (7.94cm) 3 3/8 in (8.57cm) 3 1/8 in (7.94cm)
Women's S 3 5/8in (9.5cm) 3 1/8 in (8cm) 3 1/6 in (7.8cm) 3 1/16 in (7.8cm)


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